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Let us honor the ritual by being a part of that ritual. – STEFAN DAVE

To survive any long term creative folly, it is important to understand the political and philosophical foundation of your success. – STEFAN DAVE

Women are constantly watching their men. At some point a woman starts to see the beauty of the man - not his physical beauty but the sum of the whole. –STEFAN DAVE

You build great nations, cities and companies by including Positive Darkside power in your decision. Great things rarely come from only the nice and the kind. Virtue can be the blade of a knife and atom bombs exploding -- cutting and true. Our actions are as large as the blood that flowed by them. We Americans enjoy Indian’s land and consume the death of plants and animals daily. Then we go gamble at Indian owned casinos. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

“When we are young, few of us have established an inner marriage when we commit to an outer partner. We believe the outer partner is the Beloved, while the true Beloved is hidden away in a coffin-maybe a coffin that traps the soul in insatiable desire that freezes it to matter. As life continues, however, we begin to realize we cannot enter an outer relationship unless we are coming from our own inner marriage. Until the Bride and Bridegroom creatively love each other, the outer relationship is starving. - Marian Woodman

The great Napoleon Hill researched for twenty years what makes leaders successful by studying successful “uneducated men” such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie. Through his research he came to important conclusions in his Law of Success book. Hill, originally a devotee of American Philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, concluded that successful men are “over sexed” and have the ability to get men of greater minds than them to help them in a “Mastermind” by connecting to “unseen forces.” With the clarity of a laser beam, this original material was mystical and unrestrained. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

The Vision is not a mission, not a statement of where we are now. It is a statement of where we will be in 10 years (stated as if it were now). The Vision and Purpose seeks and sifts out people in the organization that do not serve its great purpose. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

"Lincoln’s ideas moved," noted Sumner- "As the beasts entered Noah's Ark - in pairs." - Carl Sandberg

Change does not come without conflict and conflict does not come without opposing questions. – STEFAN DAVE

Your task is to identify all your weaknesses and then dance in your polar opposite. This is where you will feel uncertain -upset - unsure and it will be good for you. Perhaps you have a well developed darkside and now must learn the lighter side of life - the flying boy. Perhaps you are way too much in your head and now must come into your body. You are too clean and must learn to lie in dirt. This is where the soul is located. This is where the heart turns to fire. This is where your connection to humanity begins. An intellectual is born who used to only be in the body. Jennifer Love Hewitt and the Olsen Twins becoming totally gothic. – STEFAN DAVE

All around your town, in your family and in the government, the positive darkside exists in the constant spinning symbol of the ying and yang. The original philosophical path, lead by Ralph Waldo Emerson and continued through Nietzsche and Carl Jung, had no difficulty supporting the value of the positive darkside. My task with The Positive Darkside is not only to acknowledge our shadow, but also show positive uses every hour for it –based on virtue. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

Organizational transformation is a spiritual venture connected to the soul and heart of your people. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

Nothing is earned without the ravages of time invested. – STEFAN DAVE

From the book: Meeting the Shadow: "In an effort to protect the young, the censors re-write Little Red Ridding Hood so that she is no longer eaten by the wolf, and, in the end, the young are left unprepared to meet the evil they encounter."

Soul is grief, anger, upset, healthy distrust, healthy skepticism. Soul is connected to death and sorrow. – STEFAN DAVE

The successful leader understands that when he is going after something it is ok to utilize positive manipulation to get himself there. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

There is great power in expecting that you will be taken care of - fed - given a good paying job - by your parents, government, big business or spouse. In some cases, you are provided for your whole life. To feel you deserve something without earning it is powerful. It creates huge co-dependent electricity in many people who naturally are attracted to serving that "entitled person." It allows you to justify hundreds of different things and helps to stunt your growth to the infantile. Corporate executives and unions have a great sense of entitlement. Marxism, Wives, Masons. A natural instinct of women to feel entitled to be taken care of due to their life risking child bearing role. Children are born and learn a deep sense of infantile entitlement. – STEFAN DAVE

What the effective Goals Coach does is grab onto the passions and ideas of team members in such a way that they get so excited they cannot resist moving forward to implement the goals. Each team member develops a feeling of ownership of the goals and is motivated to make them happen. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

Jim Dahlke commenting that those in prison have the same personality of those as C.E.O in business.

Nietzsche: The daring venture, the prolonged distrust, the cruel nay, the tedium, the cutting-into-the-quick- how seldom do these come together! Out of such seed, however- is truth produced!

Nietzsche: O my brethren, he who is a firstling is ever sacrificed. Now, however, are we firstlings! We all bleed on secret sacrificial altars, we all burn and broil in honor of ancient idols. Our best is still young: this exciteth old palates. Our flesh is tender, our skin is only lambs' skin- how could we not excite old idol-priests! In ourselves dwelleth he still, the old idol-priest, who broileth our best for his banquet. Ah, my brethren, how could firstlings fail to be sacrifices! But so wisheth our type; and I love those who do not wish to preserve themselves, the down-going ones do I love with mine entire love: for they go beyond. To be true- that can few be! And he who can, will not! Least of all, however, can the good be true. Oh, those good ones! Good men never speak the truth. For the spirit, thus to be good, is a malady. They yield, those good ones, they submit themselves; their heart repeateth, their soul obeyeth: he, however, who obeyeth, doth not listen to himself! All that is called evil by the good, must come together in order that one truth may be born. O my brethren, are ye also evil enough for this truth? Here paused Zarathustra awhile, and looked lovingly on his disciples. Then he continued to speak thus--and his voice had changed: Remain true to the earth, my brethren, with the power of your virtue! Let your bestowing love and your knowledge be devoted to be the meaning of the earth! Let your spirit and your virtue be devoted to the sense of the earth, my brethren: let the value of everything be determined anew by you! Therefore shall ye be fighters! Therefore shall ye be creators! Verily, a place of healing shall the earth become! And already is a new odor diffused around it, a salvation-bringing odor--and a new hope! Systems that run on virtue are the best systems of all!

Nietzsche: Be careful not to get rid of your devils least you get rid of the very best part of you

People rarely change by choice and their own initiative only. We are good at doing what we have to but choice terrifies us. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

"The inexhaustible energies of the cosmos." Joe Cambel.

Jesus Christ our Lord had a huge, very well developed and mature positive darkside. – STEFAN DAVE

There are 10 trillion ways to praise God. – STEFAN DAVE

William Stafford: "I would give up all my poems for the next one."

Manipulation is not bad. The action of bringing up your children is an act of brainwashing. Are we not manipulated daily by our spouses, our job, our career and TV? The act of having a Vision is an act of manipulation. After the organizational Vision is defined people are forced to go inside themselves to see their own soul. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

In Michigan - we run an ad and get many people these days willing to try anything to make a buck. It is easy to do this because of need. This is the power of our economy - you must have your fangs out and be willing to break the dysfunctional bonds of co-dependency. We are now in the realm of soul making - in the realm of Virtuous Wickedness. The Wickedness is that we assume that you may be desperate enough to finally make a real change in yourself since now you have no choice. Before you had many options and you did not have to think or change or feel, now you must bust out of your comfort zone or essentially die in your debt. – STEFAN DAVE

Carl Sandberg: "Officially, Sherman's orders as in Georgia were against wanton violence and destruction, but Sherman did not repeat them now "My aim was to whip the rebels, humble their pride, to follow them to their inner most recesses, and to make them fear and dread us." As Walmart to K-Mart and Meijer’s, as me to other consulting organizations in our new locations.

I am now able to see and observe the realm of female consciousness. The games. The playful wickedness. A man must be prepared to face divorce on a couple key issues - to live with the queen he must set these boundaries. – STEFAN DAVE

This book will show that any company or individual that succeeds has an integrated positive darkside and that every leadership decision has a positive darkside element to it. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

What computers cannot do is connect to infinite intelligence which is where I believe 90% of our ideas and insights, thoughts and to do lists come from. It is humans who, united together must do this work. The computers are merely tools. – STEFAN DAVE

Clarissa Estes: "Though we hate to admit it, over and over again the poorest bargain of our lives is the one we make when we forfeit our deep knowing live for one that is far more trial, when we give up our teeth, our claws, our sense, our scent, when we surrender our wilder natures for a promises of something that seems rich but turns out to be hallow." ----------------------------------- "On the Plains of Hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who, at the Dawn of Victory, sat down to wait, and waiting - died!" -- George W. Cecil For too long, we have been split in an either/or world. Our society has taught us to see things as good or evil, right or wrong, plus or minus – - when in reality it is somewhere in between. As the father of a business client of mine once said, “We are in the world of the gray.” To accept this, you stop the feeling that we must be perfect, unnecessarily judging ourselves and others since no one is perfect. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

The worst and most scary person you will ever meet is yourself. – STEFAN DAVE

I am touched by the awesome magnitude of life's beauty – STEFAN DAVE

Winston Churchill - As quoted in the International Spy Museum (Washington, D.C.): "In war time truth is so precious that she should always be attached by a body of lies."

We are in an era where 75 year old goal directed men living their potential is healthier and happier than an unmotivated 27 year old on crack. Soon 57 year old women will be seducing 15 year old males. – STEFAN DAVE

Jung: "Man's descent to the water is needed in order to evoke the miracle of its coming to life. Water is earthy and tangible, it is also the fluid of the instinct-driven body, blood and flowing of blood, the odor of the beast, carnality heavy with passion. The unconscious is the psyche that reaches down from the daylight of mentally and morally lucid consciousness into the nervous system that for ages has been known as the "sympathetic." "But if we are to see our own shadow and can bear knowing about it, then a small part of the problem has already been solved." It cannot be argued out of existence or rationalized into harmlessness. The shadow is a tight passage, a narrow door, whose painful constriction no one is spared who goes down to the deep well. For what comes after the door is surprisingly enough, a boundless expanse full of unprecedented uncertainty, with apparently no inside or outside, no above or below, no here and no there, no mine and no thine, no good and no bad. It is the world of water where all life floats in suspension, where the realm of the sympathetic system, the soul of everything living begins, where I am indivisibly this and that, where I experience the other in myself and the other in myself experiences me.

Of all that we do for the client, the item that has the strongest impact is the creation of the Vision and Purpose for the company. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

Zarathustra: "Oh, the good ones! Good men never speak the truth. For the spirit, thus to be good is a malady. All that is called evil by the good, must come together in order that one truth may be born. O my breathren, are ye also evil enough for this truth. Beside the bad conscience hath hitherto grown all knowledge! Break up, break up, ye decerning ones, the old tables!"

Will to Power Nietzsche: The great crimes of psychology: "The all strong feelings of pleasure (wild spirit, voluptuousness, triumph, pride, audacity, knowledge, self-assurance and happiness as such) have been branded as sinful, as seduction as suspicious. The feelings of weakness, inward acts of cowardice, lack of courage for oneself have been overlaid with sanctifying names and taught as being desirable in the highest degree That everything great in a man has been interpreted as selfishness. That love has been falsified as surrender. Only the most complete person can love. The whole psychology or prevention, a kind of immuring out of fear. "Verily, neither do I like those who call everything good, and this world best of all. Those do I call all-satisfied. All-satisfiedness, which I knoweth how to taste everything. - this is not the best taste! I honour the refractory, fastidious tongues and stomachs, which have learned to say "I" and "Yea" and "Nay." Deep yellow and hot red - so wanteth my taste - it mixeth blood with all colours. He, however, who whitewasheth his house, betrayeth unto me a whitewashed soul. With mummies, some fall in love; others with phantoms: both alike hostile repugnant are both to my taste! For I love blood. Neither is good or a bad taste, but MY taste, of which I have either no longer shame or secrecy. This is now my way - where is yours? Thus did I answer those who asked me "The way" For the way -it does not exist Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

My parents were not afraid to talk to my adult side as a child. Dad at the Ames Iowa restaurant at Best Western talking of his Cuba Book and Esquire Magazine article on Cuba with their graphic sex shows Huge penises ejaculating - the man who could shoot off just by looking at a boy in the audience. I see myself carrying my father in my hands. – STEFAN DAVE

Men must learn the power of silence and violent craziness. – STEFAN DAVE

Nietzsche "There is no feast without cruelty, as man's entire history attests. Punishment, too, has its festive features.”

The small birds harassing and constantly attacking the hawk --- endless persistence. We are all addicted. The point is to be conscious and choose. Focus on your own darkside - not on mine. – STEFAN DAVE

Be careful when trying to mess with me from your unconscious mind for I am conscious of my Darkside and can use it at will - systematically! – STEFAN DAVE

The key to our success is recognizing that the soul is insatiable. – STEFAN DAVE

Part of understanding the positive darkside is understanding the negative darkside. The negative darkside hates and chastises people who get real results. It is the sickness of the negative darkside that lacks a true connection to its own soul and fears real results since they point out it own lack of ability. The skating organization who decides who will win before the skaters skate. The music radio stations that are all pre-programmed for safety. You may, if you are truly committed to success, have to do it all alone because the negative darkside has no real connection to you. We are talking here about greatness - greatness in a company, in a movie, in a song, in a skating exhibition, the pinnacle height of beauty in a young girl and unique dessert in a fine restaurant. You do it alone because most people in any industry suck and are not connected to their true power. It is their job and the negative darkside’s job to crush all those truly connected to their power and who get real results, that is the way of the world. You do it alone - with the support of all those around you connected to the positive darkside. Part of this is sticking to the overwhelming power of your virtue. – STEFAN DAVE

Jung: "We are told that a man can receive the secret knowledge only through divine inspiration or from the lips of a master, and also that no one can complete the work except with the help of God. He who hath found this science, it shall be his rightful food forever. For from the fruits of this grain is made the food of life which cometh down from heaven. If any man shall eat it, he shall live without hunger."

A great leader is not afraid of controversy. He is not afraid to be bluntly non-caring. He forms a team that can spark off each other inspiring associates and clients. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

"We whose duty is wakefulness itself." Nietzsche

It takes a certain amount of naivety to be successful. – STEFAN DAVE

"In your dying shall your spirit and your virtue still shine like an evening after-glow around the earth: otherwise your dying hath been unsatisfactory." - Nietzsche

Nietzsche p.33 from Beyond good and evil. "It is the business of the very few to be independent; it is a privilege of the strong. And whoever attempts it, even with the best right, but without being obliged to do so, proves that he is probably not only strong, but also daring beyond measure. He enters into a labyrinth, he multiplies a thousand fold the dangers which life in itself already brings with it; not the least of which is that no one can see how and where he loses his way, becomes isolated, and is torn piecemeal by some minotaur of conscience: Supposing such a one comes to grief, it is so far from the comprehension of men that they neither feel it, nor sympathize with it. And he can no longer go back! He cannot even go back to the sympathy of men!"

The benefits of all this are numerous and varied. • Utilize the positive darkside to relate that while you as a leader are mission oriented, you can at the same time be lazy. • That while you have faith and dedication to your beloved you too have incurable lust. • That while you are confused and have no real answers, so are others in the same situation. • The Positive Darkside keeps you in an ok state because we are never truly ok. We are never ok since the goal is not to be whole but torn. • The philosophy allows you to constantly regroup since you are not forming endless opinions of others and situations – all you need do is stick to your positive darkside virtue which is both light and dark. You don’t spend your whole life judging. • It allows you to be a leader in chaos and muck and feel ok about it. You get out of constantly beating yourself up. When you accept yourself and others as human, you get out of the feeling that the republican or democrats or politics or capitalism are evil. This provides a great freedom from constantly taking a position and opens up the heart to humanity. • It lets you take a different view as a leader of what motivates people – what makes them tick. It may be a part of the self actualizing process that Abraham Maslow outlined so well. It allows you to see how to take yourself from one end to another and get the results you need -- groveling in the mud of life – enjoying it all the way. You accept the problems of the world as the problems of your world. It lets you accept your own beauty and your own wealth. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

Jung p. 197. "The man whom we can with justice call "modern" is solitary. He is so of necessity and at all time, for every step towards a fuller consciousness of the present removes him further from his original "participation mystique" with the mass of men - from submersion in a common unconsciousness. Every step forward means an act of tearing himself loose from that all-embracing pristine unconsciousness which claims the bulk of mankind almost entirely.

The river is composed of all elements of life, dirt, air, come, piss, shit, chemicals, leaves, bark, tears, grass, plants, dead bones - it flows and flows - the river is Life.

My father coined the term "I laugh at adversity." Once you learn to enjoy the adversity you are in, you are truly free.

Yet this brings with it the necessity of the descent into the dark world of the night sea journey whose end and aim is the restoration of life, resurrection and triumph over death. The dread and resistance which every natural human being experiences when it come to delving too deeply into himself is, at the bottom, the fear of the journey to Hades. Elects to sleep, deadens them, and deprives them of the ability to find pleasure in anything. It binds the imagination, and impedes it from doing any good discursive work." - Jung

Create your own world, your own heaven and hell. – STEFAN DAVE


The whole world is based on a union of opposites. To have one you must have the other. In order to make significant organizational change a leader must have a well integrated Positive Darkside. The Positive Darkside leader then applies this philosophy to each decision he makes to move the organization forward. You are constantly shape shifting the organization forward and beyond. You are asking people to improve but not stopping when they don’t. Within making this change you consciously recognize that some will win and some will lose but that the end result will be better for the whole than the immediate costs, devastation and losses. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

Carl Sandberg: Lincoln arrives in Virginia: "The receiving crowd was, according to Porter and Crook, entirely Negroes. (In Richmond Virginia). By the grapevine some had heard here was Lincoln. One old-timer of 60 sprang forward." "Bless de Lawd dere is de great Messiah!" He fell on his knees and bowed at the President’s feet, other negroes doing the same. The President: "Don't kneel to me. You must kneel to God only and thank him for your freedom."

The inner saboteur is the key architect of choice. The inner saboteur provides choices for heterosexual men: (beautiful girls and women) all the time. Choices to say no and yes to. It allows that every task, item and thing we do comes from choice. - STEFAN DAVE

"Since we can’t have babies, a man as a male must give birth to a new creative realization." - Doug Hood.

p. 62 From: "The Masks of Enlightenment" about Thus Spoke Zaracusa. "Nietzsche had no philosophical companions, no teacher and no student that were on his level. One can only read his letters to see that he regarded himself as entirely alone in his philosophical activity."

The river of God is within you. – STEFAN DAVE

Jung: Parable VII in Aurora II. "Be turned to me with all your heart and do not cast me aside because I am black and swarthy, because the sun has changed my color and the waters have covered my face and the earth has polluted and defiled in my works, for there is darkness over it because I stick fast in the mire of the deep and my substance is not disclosed.”

Jame Hillman p.140 The Souls Code "The soul moves in circles, said Plotinus, Hence our lives are not moving straight ahead, instead hovering, wavering, returning, renewing, repeating

Emerson: The Oversoul "The energy does not descend into individual life on any other condition than entire possession. It comes to the lowly and simple; it comes to whomsoever will put off what is foreign and proud, it comes as serenity and grandeur. When we see those whom it inhabits; we are apprised of new degrees of greatness. From that inspiration the man comes back with a changed tone. He does not talk to a man with an eye to their opinion. He tries them. It requires us to be plain and true. The soul that ascends to worship the great God is plain and true; has no rose color, no fine friends, no chivalry, no adventures, does not want admiration, dwells in the hour that is now, in earnest experience of the common day by reason of the present moment…"

People are afraid of scary words but let us define this “manipulation” on our terms: To manipulate is to consciously change another’s perception. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

p.264 Uses of Great men Emerson "It costs a beautiful person no exertion to paint her image on our eyes; yet how splendid is that benefit! He is great who is what he is from nature, and who never reminds us of others. There are persons who, in their character and actions, answer questions, which I have not skill to put. The river makes its own shores, and each legitimate idea makes its own channels and welcome, - harvest for food, institutions for expression, weapons to fight with and disciplines to explain it. The true artist has the planet for his pedestal.

Marleen Tucker, drummer for the revolutionary band the Velvet Underground said "Scenes come and go and new people develop the scenes but it is the work that endures."

Emerson said "The Sunday-schools, and churches and pauper-societies are yokes around the neck. We pain ourselves to please no one. And why drag this weight of a Sunday School over the whole Christendom? If we look wider, things are all alike; laws and letters and creeds and modes of living, seem a travesty of truth. Our society is encumbered by ponderous machinery. It is a graduated, tilled, richly appointed Empire, quite superfluous when Town meetings are found to answer just as well. The simplicity of nature is not that which may easily be read, but is inexhaustible. We side with the hero, as we read or paint, against the coward and robber; but we have been ourselves that coward or robber, and shall be again, not in the low circumstance, but in comparison with the grandeur's possible to the soul. A little consideration of what takes place around us every day would show us that a higher law than that of our will regulates events; that our painful labors are very unnecessary, and altogether fruitless; that only in our easy, simple spontaneous action are we strong, and by continuing ourselves with obedience we become divine. Certainly there is a possible right for you, that precludes the needs of balance and willful election. Place yourself in the middle of the stream of power and wisdom which flows into you as life, place yourself in the full center of that flood, then you are without effort impelled to truth, to right and a perfect contentment. Then you are the world, the measure of right, of truth, of beauty. Every man has his call to power to something somewhat unique and no man has any other call. Each man has his own vocation. The talent is the call. There is one direction in which all space is open to him. His facilities silently inviting him thither to endless exertion. He sweeps serenely over gods' depths into an infinite sea. He inclines to do so something which is easy to him and good when it's done, but which no other man can do. He has no rival. For the more truly he consults his powers, the more difference will his work exhibit from the work of any other. The height of the pinnacles determined by the breadth of the base. By doing his work, he makes the need felt which he can supply. He creates the taste by which he is enjoyed. He provokes the wants to which he can minister. By doing his work he unfolds himself. It is the vice of our public speaking that it has not abandonment. Somewhere, not only every orator, but every man, should let out all the length of the reins. Should find or make a frank and hearty expression of what force and meaning is in him. Oh, my brothers, God exists! There is a soul at the center of nature, and over the will of every man so that none of us can go wrong in the universe. It has so infused its strong enchantment into nature, that we prosper when we accept its advice, and when we struggle to wound its creatures, our hands are glued to our sides or they beat our own breasts. The whole course of things goes to teach us faith. We need only obey. We are bound by spiritual laws which execute themselves. Accept your genius and say what you think. Emerson, the great master.

"The truth is within your body, a great sagacity. - The great master, Neitche.

Marian Woodman: "I think we have no idea what our bodies are capable of."

Visualization and affirmation is another form of prayer to the lord. – STEFAN DAVE

James Hillman p. 39 The Daemon is not nice it is dark and swarthy: "The daemon motivates. It protects. It invents and persists with stubborn fidelity. It resists compromising reasonableness and often forces deviance and oddity upon its keeper; especially when it is neglected or opposed. It can make the body ill. It is out of step with time, finding all sorts of faults, gaps, knots in the flow of life - and it prefers affinities with myth, since it is itself a mythical being and thinks in mythical patterns."

From Carl Sandberg "Lincoln was baffling, found the Herald. The more one gazed on him, the less easy it became to reckon what would be the end of his teachings. He was democracy beyond Cromwell and Napoleon, so completely modern that his like was not to be found in the past "a character so externally uncouth, so pathetically simple, so unfathomably penetrating, so irresolute and yet so irresistible, so bizarre, grotesque, droll, wise and perfectly beneficent…" it will take a new brand of historians and leaders to understand him."

Your definite chief aim should be so strong it cuts like a laser beam. The great God and Goddess providing us with all sorts of new opportunities - new romance - new ventures - this does not mean we have to take all of them! And who is the mother of destruction? Who in her dark cold heart would not care if it comes to pass that all was destroyed. – STEFAN DAVE

Lou Reed - "Heroin, be the death of me."

Emerson - "We are bound by spiritual laws that execute themselves!"

Doug Hood "Like branches of a tree we each connect to the source in our own way."

Joe Campbell with Bill Moyer: "Any sense of joy you have --- grab it. You've got to learn to recognize your own depths."

Feeding the soul with what it really wants rather than drugging it and de-energizing it. – STEFAN DAVE

Emanuel Swendenborg "Divine force underlies all matter." "The soul must be the link between God and man, the infinite and the finite, even though man could not see or measure the soul."

STEFAN DAVE- A person’s dream and goal is like a separate soul with it's own energy and it's own will to live. It is the soul's desire that must be heard and has the power to overtake the person and rule them or kick their ass (to the point of death) if it's great call is not heeded. God made me write this book or he would have (and almost had) thrown me into a nervous breakdown. I must follow his will or die.

Brian Eno and William Crawford just letting things happen - totally following the souls path - how fantastic! - STEFAN DAVE

Carl Sandberg: Abraham Lincoln: Tolstoy was to say to journalist James Creelman, “Lincoln is the only real giant.” He named heroes but they were lesser than Lincoln “in depth of feeling and in certain moral power.” Mystic shadows and a bright aura gathered around Lincoln’s memory for the famous Russian. ‘Lincoln was.. a Christ in miniature, a saint of humanity whose name will live thousands of years in the legends of future generations. We are still too near his greatness, and so can hardly appreciate his divine power, but after a few centuries more of our posterity will find him considerably bigger than we do.” Abraham Lincoln understood this and his impact multiplied across thousands of miles and hundreds of thousands of people. No TV, no Internet and no radio. How did he do this? Every interaction he did concisely with the knowledge of impact it would have. Yes – it was from the heart – yes – much of it was guided by the hand of God in the moment – but all won the full support of millions and millions of people who died for him and his divine cause. – STEFAN DAVE

Can you manipulate with virtue in mind? Can you manipulate with virtue in mind? Certainly you can choose to a certain extent how you are manipulated. I am manipulating you right now at this moment. Together we are manipulated by radio commercials, by TV, by billboards, by good-hearted bosses; you constantly manipulate yourself with your own mind. We can do this consciously or unconsciously. The very conscious woman says “Lie to me. Don’t tell me the truth, tell me how beautiful I am in my world.” - STEFAN DAVE

My wife and Sebastian after he peed on the beanbag. I have never seen such focused behavior change. Such ruthless use of the message “no.” Such quick learning of my surrogate son. My wife Renee’s immense queenly positive adversity. I often say I love adversity and she is my main adversity. – STEFAN DAVE

To manipulate is to consciously change another’s perception. – STEFAN DAVE

This book will show that any company or individual that succeeds has an integrated positive darkside and that every leadership decision has a positive darkside element to it. For too long, we have been split in an either/or world. Our society has taught us to see things as good or evil, right or wrong, plus or minus – - when in reality it is somewhere in-between. As the father of a business client of mine once said, “We are in the world of the gray.” To accept this, you stop the feeling that we must be perfect, unnecessarily judging ourselves and others since no one is perfect.

The great German poet Rilke, said: “We must die because we have known them.” Die of the unbelievable flower of their smile. Die of their delicate hands. Die of women. Let the boy praise the death givers when they float magnificently through his heart halls. From his blossoming body he cries to them: impossible to reach. Oh, how strange they are. They go swiftly over the peaks of his feelings and pour down the night marvelously altered into his deserted arm-valley. The wind that rises in their dawn makes his body leaves rustle. His brooks glisten away. And it’s right that the grown man shivers and remains silent. The man who has blundered around all night on the mountains of his feelings remains silent. As the old sailor remains silent and the terrors he’s experienced leap about him as if in rocky cages.

This “World of the Gray” -- this shade of gray is the Positive Darkside. The Positive Darkside is the middle ground between being dictatorial and being too kind. The Positive Darkside is showing your fangs when it is appropriate… killing and eating when it is appropriate, using the gun when you have to, manipulating with great glee when it is necessary and virtuous. It is that side that sometimes thinks you are God. It is the side of you that does think evil thoughts, angry thoughts, negative thoughts, and is able to recognize them – embrace them as yours and dance with them. – STEFAN DAVE

Any great leader must have a taste for blood. When we hunt in Michigan, getting your first kill is seen as an initiation; and so it is in business. Once you do your first real reprimand, your first firing there is a certain cleansing that takes place. You see the positive side of darkness. The way your people react positively if it was a good firing, the way things get better and you feel better. It had to be done and you did it. The tradition is that you eat the testicles of the first buck you kill. There is a part of me who is the warden in a German concentration camp as well as Jesus with the little children. A great leader has the attributes of a saint and executioner. Recognize your darkside and you will see yourself in others. – STEFAN DAVE

The father of our success movement, Napoleon Hill, while doing some good pure research on what makes people successful, later saw his work go down a road split between good or evil thinking. His writing then became somewhat corrupted by too much Norman Vincent Peal (author of “The Power of Positive Thinking”) influence which seemed to stress developing only a “Positive Mental Attitude” as the path to success. While positive thinking is a wonderful tool, it does not itself in the reality of life feed the soul nor bring lasting results. This positive thinking movement then lasted for many decades and basically argued that the road to success is simply a positive light seeking state of mind. On the other hand, our business schools have also provided wonderful tools to increase business performance but tend to make success too analytical. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

In order to make significant impacting change a leader must have a conscious Positive Darkside. The Positive Darkside of Leadership is about integrating the body and soul of a person and an organization to achieve their divine purpose. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

All successful people I know have at least one foot in the darkside. I am impressed with Abraham Lincoln’s life in that he knew his grandiosity and he knew his darkness. In his marriage he knew he loved his wife deeply, could understand her madness – because he had craziness himself. He commented that he was both good and evil. Lincoln knew he was not heaven or hell, but both. He loved the southern slave states – showing his love by burning them to the ground and then ordering the Union Band to play Dixie (the same answer we gave to Hiroshima and perhaps the only answer for our Jihad fascists). Let us celebrate the great Middle Eastern culture while we destroy their fascist brethren. In winning, be totally obsessed to the point of craziness with your purpose. Everyone who has been obsessed with their purpose relates to the tortured nature of Vincent van Gogh. I, myself fantasize about opportunities and power. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

You must be at peace but able to shape shift in a circular fashion to full tilt battle when needed. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership

To understand the positive darkside of human nature is to support people’s motivation and their purpose on this planet. – STEFAN DAVE The Positive Darkside of Leadership